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Often, we interior designers learn from collective consensus regarding future trends in design. However, frequently these trends are recycled, or not conclusive to the current mindset of many of our clients. We’re all interested in selecting well shot photos and beautifully staged homes, so it can become difficult to digest the images when they are lacking content. It can make it hard to stay inspired, too. Fear not; there is content to be explained and beautifully shot pictures to be shared. Featuring interior designs from a variety of influences and some of the most creative minds in the world, these designs will provide not only inspiring work, but also easy-to-understand concepts. So, to help you break from the monotony and find your inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, trendy designs. Indulge them. You’ll feel refreshed, creative, and maybe even laugh. And if you’re itching to begin your design, come visit us!


Color Trends:

Have you ever noticed as the seasons change, so do the colors of many items sold at your favorite stores? Color trends have been around since, well, forever and they will likely be around, well, forever. 2019 is no different in that regard. After 2018’s period of dark grays and muted blacks, 2019 is ready to bring the color! The benefit to choosing a sought-after color is that your options for design choices will be plentiful, and more than likely, easily incorporated with other dominant trends of the year. If you are wondering what paint color topped the charts for 2019, we have your answer: Night Watch.


Night Watch is a deep hunter green that will instantly give you a woodsy vibe. According to PPG senior color marketing expert, Dee Schlotter, “The dark green hue pulls our memories of natural environments to the surface to recreate the calming, invigorating euphoria we feel when in nature.” We feel that, Dee. This color reminds us of spring, and who doesn’t enjoy that refreshing, first hike of the year smell? Many may think this color is too deep to be used in large doses, and for the most part, those people are correct. This color certainly would work best in small doses, AKA “accenting.” I envision this color in a lot of dining rooms with splashes of tasteful gold accents.


If you are more conservative with your color choices, another top 2019 color is the vivid-yet-calm Reflecting Pool by Sherwin Williams. This blue color is very versatile and pairs easily with other soft colors to create very serene living spaces. Reflecting Pool is a color that can also make for a fun, accent statement when used on a front door or piece of furniture. Be on the lookout for exciting lamps, rugs, and wall décor featuring this color too!


PPG. Night WatchRelated image


Multifunctional Furnishings:


Being a company based out of Seattle (okay, close to Seattle), we are very familiar with urban city dwelling and the constraints to designing such spaces. As 2019 nears, city living continues to grow in popularity and those tenants require furnishings that can fit a variety of needs—while saving space. Chairs that include cupholders, flexible tables (yes, really!), and stackable stools are on the rise and these design elements can be fantastic conversation pieces no matter the size of the room they occupy. Imagine how fun it would be to have a gathering and stretch your table out to fit your guests! As cities get more and more crowded, expect to see more innovative designs emerge!



Statement Ceilings


To heck with your statement walls, statement ceilings are here! What a welcome relief to those who no longer get excited by the color of the year. In fact, statement ceilings haven’t rose to fame since the 1920’s when they used to represent that ultimate sign of extravagance and luxury. Now isn’t that a long time to go in between trends! One aspect of using your ceiling to emphasize a room is that the possibilities are quite varied! From vivid paint, to wall papered, to molding covered ceilings…you get my point. The visual announcement alone is worth considering, but statement ceilings can also make rooms appear larger, brighter, and truthfully, more memorable than most other accent walls. Even a tiny pop of color or molding on a ceiling can bring the oomph without bringing thoughts of “have I overdone this?”



Unique Design Materials & Finishes:


Beautiful and expressive, two words that drive interior designers. Those two words also describe the trend of using unique materials and finishes to compliment furniture and décor. The easiest example of this trend is marble. Marble has been used in buildings for thousands of years and with the improvements in technology, is now widely popular for the use in kitchens and bathrooms. In 2019 expect to see marble being used as faces of side tables, on fireplaces, and floor to ceiling showers. While marble might be a mainstay of design, 2019 is also ushering in the period of hand-blown glass tables that seemingly seem to blend different colors and textures into marvelous works of art. Other trends you will see in 2019 is natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite. Move aside tech-obsessed décor ala’ 2018 and welcome the organic ambiance of the new year.





Chocolate and vanilla, peanut butter and jelly, creative design and minimal environmental impact; just a few examples of things that go well together. You get the gist. Regardless of your stance on environmental change, the design community tend to be early adopters of sustainable practices. It is exciting to see this trend continue into 2019 using leftover materials, reclaimed wood, and live plant walls. Eco-friendly can also improve indoor air quality and considering the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that most Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, that is a very valuable home asset. As the eco-friendly trend continues into the new year, consider using renewable woods for furniture materials, or another popular alternative; bamboo. Even better, reignite a passion for antiques and other used furniture, boho inspired design might just be a hit in 2020.