Magellan Architects welcomes new hire, Carlos Vargas, who brings expertise in multifamily and mixed use projects.  Vargas started his education in Venezuela attending Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, he then went on to earn his Masters from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Vargas brings over 8 years of experience in design and project management. He graduated Cum Laude (with honors) and received First Place in “Students Design the Municipal Library of the Future” which was sponsored by the Foundation Library Network in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Along with his professional experience Vargas also speaks two languages including English and Spanish.

When asked why he got into Architecture he responded “I’ve been surrounded by architects in my family (father, brother, uncle and aunt) provided me with insight into architecture, however what really drove me to the profession was the desire to design spaces that both function and create emotions to the user”. In his free time Carlos likes to play video games “as a way to explore design in many different aspects depending on type/style of game”.

We’re thrilled to welcome Carlos to the Magellan Family!