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Congratulations, Henry!

 Henry Cruz was born in the Philippines and moved to the Seattle, WA area at the age of seven. On his spare time he enjoys spending quality time with family, hiking, mountain biking, and learning about the latest technology. In the winter months you can find him snowboarding at Stevens Pass. Before he married his beautiful wife, Jillian, they were in a long distance relationship for eight years! In 2016, the time was right and they were finally able to live in the same country and get married! Fast forward three years, now they are proud parents to a beautiful one-month-old baby girl named Riley Grace.

 Henry initially never thought of being in the architecture industry. He always wanted to be an Air Force Pilot or a Marine Biologist. When Henry was a senior in high school, he was exposed to architectural design classes. At that time, he developed a passion for creating floor plans and building models. After high school, Henry attended Lake Washington Technical College where he obtained an Architectural Graphics Degree. Soon after, he worked for a casework company and structural engineering firm. After gaining experience in different trades of the field, he finally transitioned to working for architectural firms where he could showcase his continuous drive in architecture. 


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