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Congratulations, Maeve!

Maeve Mitchell grew up in New Hampshire, went to school in upstate New York and decided to leave the northeast to try a new adventure in the Pacific Northwest. She moved here last fall and was surprised to live through a Seattle winter that gave her more snow than in her hometown! After the “snowpocalypse” Maeve is looking forward to perfecting stand-up paddle boarding and taking advantage of all that the PNW summers have to offer; except for coffee, Maeve is a tea drinker. 


At Syracuse University (bleed Orange!) Maeve started as a communications design major, but once she was exposed to interior design, she decided to pursue her passion and switch majors, even though it meant studying for another two years. 


After a short career in retail residential design, she found her niche at Magellan where she can thrive working in commercial interior design. 


Maeve’s passions are her rescue dog, Dixie, travel and her network of friends. A good day off from work for Maeve includes a walk with Dixie, time with friends, some time with crafts or baking and…wait for it…a Patriots win!

Fun fact: after falling this winter Maeve now has a leg with a metal core, similar to Wolverine. 

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