Whether you are thinking of renovating an office, building a new restaurant, or looking to refresh your home, choosing the right lighting for a space makes all the difference.

With so many lighting options, both artificial and natural, the choices are infinite. Check out the list below for the main types of lighting!

5 of the main lighting categories:

• Ambient (also known as “general lighting,” is mainly overhead lighting)

• Task/Directional (used to light a particular area where a task is performed)

• Accent (used to illuminate a specific element)

• Decorative (used less for illumination and more for visual interest)

• Natural lighting (efficiently brings natural light into your home using exterior glazing; i.e. Windows, skylights, etc.)

So when starting your next project, it is best to decide early on what that space will be used for; by doing this, your Designer can determine what lighting will work best.